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Council building

Between the city garden and the neo-gothic station stands the council building. The very massive building is the largest mediaeval building in southern Germany. 1388 as a department store for the trade with Italy created, it got its name during the Konstanzer Council.


The papal election of Martin V took place at this important church meeting in 1417. Today, the Council building serves as a concert hall and meeting place.

Imperia - The landmark of Constance

The Imperia statue at the port entrance in Constance on Lake Constance is not only a favorite photo and landmark of the city of Constance but probably also one of the most controversial works of art in public space.

The Imperia is a satirical allusion to the Council of Constance (1414-1418). The figurine with imperial crown and empire represents the secular power, the small figure with the Papsttiara the ecclesiastical authorities. A figure from the novel "La belle Impéria" by Honoré de Balzac served as a model for the Imperia itself. Balzac's Imperia is a courtesan who is in Konstanz at the time of the Council and is the lover of secular and ecclesiastical dignitaries.

Mainau - The flower island in Lake Constance

Enjoy nature every time, enjoy the uniqueness of each season and let your mind go by: We would like to welcome you to the island of Mainau.


In the course of the seasons the island Mainau offers magnificent pictures of a changing flowering sea. Butterfly house, Palm house, children´s play area and restaurants.


Rosgarten Museum Constance

Living medieval in the middle of Constance: The former guild house of the butchers, built in 1454, contains original rooms, rooms, and exhibits dating back to the time of origin.


The long-standing exhibition is exciting at a high level: significant works of the art and cultivated history of the Bodenseelandschaft, the conflict-rich history between "Sauschwaben" and "cow swimmers", Hecker's uprising of 1848, but also the fates persecuted during the Third Reich are vividly presented. Patio and historical museum cafeteria invite you to linger.

Sea Life Constance

In the SEA LIFE there is a lot to discover. Over 3500 animals in more than 35 pools from all over the world await you.


How about an exciting journey through the jungle and a meeting with the robbers of the rainforest, the Piranhas, in the middle of Lake Constance? In addition, you will also find giant peacock, cichlid, peacock eyelet, frontal lobe basil, tiger spatula, arrowhead frogs and many other animals which are partly threatened with extinction.

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